About Us

    Our company culture is focused on continual improvement and delivering value to our clients. We actively learn from every engagement, allowing us to maximize budgets and advance our services. We regularly examine if we are doing the right work for our clients and make it a part of every team discussion.

    Our Mission

    We help companies leverage marketing
    to reach their goals and realize their business vision.

    Our Vision

    We empower companies to do their best work.

    Our Core Values


    We seek to understand and solve our clients' real marketing problems.


    We endeavor to always do what is best for our clients--even when this results in difficult conversations, recommendations, or even ending our work together.

    Continual Improvement

    We’re hungry to grow and to improve our work. We devote time to honing our skills to ensure and increase efficiency. 

    Proactive Communication

    We encourage and respond positively to prompt, clear, concise, and respectful communication. We discuss issues or concerns with our team, stakeholders, and clients tactfully and directly.

    Joyful Professionalism

    We delight in devising new, creative ways to solve marketing problems. We strive to deliver value, joy, and fun through every interaction with our clients.

    Collaboration & Teamwork

    We believe great experiences and results come from leveraging the strengths of team members and supporting each other to grow.

    Our Team

    Each team member is dedicated to delivering the best results to our clients. Meet some of our experts who will work on your project.

    • Andrew Shimmer photo

      Mike Black

      CEO / Partner

      Mike Black is a strategic marketer with deep experience in psychology, information technology, and marketing. He earned his Master’s of Social Work degree from the University of Denver, and for seven years led a team of therapists at the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. A rabid technology and innovation geek, he started building computers in 1992. Seeking to help small business owners better understand their target markets and the digital tools available to reach those markets, Black used his dynamic expertise to launch Inciting Marketing Solutions in 2013. Inciting Marketing re-branded to Paige Black in 2019.

    • Marilyn Heywood Paige photo

      Marilyn Heywood Paige

      Chief Marketing Officer / Partner

      Marilyn Heywood Paige runs the marketing operations at Paige Black, ensuring clients receive the maximum return on their investment. She came to marketing by way of music, singing jazz in Philadelphia for over a decade. In 1996, Paige sent Barnes & Noble her press packet hoping for a music tour of its stores and a place for her CD on their shelves. She booked a tour and placed the CD's, but they also recruited her to do marketing and PR for them. For years, she worked PR for Barnes & Noble by day and sang at night. Eventually, she moved on to market garden products on QVC. Since then, Paige earned her Master’s in Integrated Marketing Communications, ran her own marketing consulting firm, and spent several years with Denver’s FiG Advertising before joining forces with Mike Black to form Paige Black.

    • Tomas Abbar photo

      Ching Yen Chang

      Advisor / Partner

      Ching Yen Chang is a partner at Paige Black and has been advising our clients on the Chinese market, including business strategy and culture, since 2015. A natural-born teacher, Ching Yen earned her English degree from Providence University in 1997, and taught students from all over the world from 1999 to 2007. After moving to Colorado in 2007, she taught Chinese in Broomfield until 2018. Having grown up in Taiwan, she also provides marketing advice to Taiwanese, and other Mandarin-speaking companies needing State-side support.

    • Tomas Abbar photo

      Brooke Hull

      Marketing Coordinator

      Brooke Hull is Paige Black’s marketing coordinator, sitting at the intersection of all internal and external project workflows. She’s in her eighth year of working in the marcom industry, having mastered the attention to detail that ensures no job or deadline falls through the cracks. She holds an associates degree in multimedia technology with a concentration in print and presentation. Her main interest outside of work is classical ballet, which she’s studied for the past 10 years. When not working or dancing, she loves to spend time with her Chihuahua, Hendrix, and perfecting the art of gongfu tea ceremonies.

    • Tomas Abbar photo

      Amy Darling


      Amy Darling is a designer for Paige Black. Her eye for detail and creativity is on full display as a true graphic arts guru. But it wasn’t exactly her first career choice after graduating from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst with a B.A. in Communications. Though she grew up in Hudson Valley, NY, she also lived in NYC, San Fran, and DC—before finally settling down in Denver. She loves her husband’s impressions, nieces, nephews, and especially iced coffee. Fun facts? Amy once took a bike tour through Vietnam and her pet cat Moxie has her own Instagram account: @thedarlingmoxie

    • Tomas Abbar photo

      Jeff Cheatham

      Copywriter | Public Relations

      Jeff Cheatham handles copywriting and PR for Paige Black. If you need it said in a certain way, he can wordsmith his way through any challenge. After earning a bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Texas, he earned his stripes in agency settings where he concentrated on public relations. This led to a decade of working in NASCAR, representing several top drivers, teams, and sponsors. It was a dream come true after spending his younger days behind the wheel of his own race car. He’s also a history buff—which explains why his favorite city is Charleston, SC.

    • Tomas Abbar photo

      Zipporah Briceno

      SEO/PPC Specialist

      Zipporah Briceno is Paige Black’s SEO/PPC Specialist, laying claim to the only acronym-titled position in the agency. For the untrained, these translate to a mastery of social media and digital marketing. Like a skilled surgeon, she has the ability to assess your website from the inside-out, pinpointing flaws that return lackluster Google search results. But she’s not all-work and no-play. She has a curious passion for creating spellbinding calligraphy--fueled by an obsession with colored pens. If it has anything to do with Paris, she’s definitely interested. And should she decide to move there, she already speaks four languages.

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