“The team at Paige Black gets to know their clients' needs and are very honest about when to expect results. They told me PR and SEO would take a couple of months but then it would start clicking along and it did! My PR took on a mind of its own which is fantastic! Marilyn understands the events industry and would ask me specific questions occasionally but I also trust her to use her creativity to write something eloquent and direct. I love working with the team and the results I have seen!”

Katherine F.

Owner, Event Planning Company

"Before Paige Black, our branding was ineffective. We didn't know how to talk about what we did and many of our customers didn't really understand our value. Paige Black rebranded us and the difference is like night and day. Our brand improved a hundred-fold. They do our social media and deliver email newsletters every week that reiterate our value to our customers. They helped us kick some major ass in our business! "

Rich O.

Manufacturers' Rep Company 

"Paige Black built my website and conducted in-depth research to determine what marketing plan would help me reach my target client demographic. Mike and Marilyn were great to work with, understood my business goals, and tailored a marketing solution for my specific business.
I would definitely recommend Paige Black to any company that needs not just marketing activities, but, more importantly, activities that will help you meet your business’s revenue goals."

Phillip H.

Founder, Law Firm

"I had my doubts that an outside marketing agency was going to be able to really "get" what we do, let alone drive more leads for us. Paige Black took time--a lot of time--to understand our business and the industry. They always have more ideas, and the bottom line is, we saw a fantastic ROI on our investment with them."


President, Metal Manufacturing Company

"Mike and his team conducted a thorough interview of me and my company’s values and created a wonderful website that has brought real referrals. Mike and Marilyn genuinely care about me and the success of my company. You must talk with them."

Laura B.

CEO, Merchant Services Company

"Paige Black does all of our marketing, functioning as our company's marketing department. Since they took over marketing for us, there's been a huge difference in how people see our brand. Some of our key partners have taken notice which has helped us gain more visibility with them. We love working with them."

Tyler C.

Partner & Director of Sales, Restaurant Equipment Company

"Marketing had always seemed an insurmountable task for me. I started Phoenix Masonry in 2010 and relied mostly on my own business development skills (which I like to describe as "schmoozing") by attending networking events, trade shows, and non-stop monitoring of upcoming bid opportunities. I did manage to build my business, but I wasn't reaching the heights that I knew we could. I signed up with Paige Black in the Summer of 2019. In the constant state of flux that we are in during these times, Paige Black has developed a marketing campaign that has not only expanded my companies reach but has also solidified my position as an industry leader in the construction market in Denver. I now have a website that I am proud of. My social media campaigns are valuable to not just my current client base, but also to potential clients. I am growing my business strategically now. My increasing revenue and backlog demonstrate the value that Paige Black has brought to my business. And, most importantly, I know I have a team of marketing experts, at the ready, to help me build the business that I always envisioned having. "

Christy C.

President, Construction Company

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