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The best way to lay the groundwork for a successful marketing program is to fully understand the environment in which you are marketing your product or service. Without this in-depth knowledge, you are guessing on which marketing initiatives to employ and hoping they will work. Guessing and hoping is time-consuming and expensive. There is a much better way to earn the trust of your ideal customers and get a higher return on your marketing investment. It starts with a marketing situation analysis and market research, and a written marketing strategy.

Get The Right Customers, Not just Any Customers

When you started your business, any customer was a win. Over time, you learned that the wrong customer can cost you much more than any revenues earned from them. Your goal now is to get more customers who are like your best ones and stop attracting the customers who impede your success. Our marketing systems are designed to get you more of who you want and less of who you don’t want. And it starts with planning.

Our Research Services

We offer three types of research services--marketing situation analysis, market research, and marketing strategy. Each service has specific objectives and deliverables aimed at clarifying exactly how to market your business. 

Marketing Situation Analysis

Market Research

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Situation Analysis

Marketing Situation Analysis

A situation analysis takes a deep dive into where your business sits right now in the marketplace. It examines your business’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (a SWOT analysis). It looks at your industry as a whole and the market forces currently influencing it. It can include a brand audit to delve into the difference between what your brand is conveying and what is being perceived. It often incorporates a competitor analysis which uncovers your top competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. Done right, it will also include a target market analysis to unearth who your best customers are, and what is important to them.
The marketing situation analysis also has a strong analytics component. It includes a CRM analysis that unearths where your profit centers are (and other key metrics). A website analysis examines how people interact with your website and the AdWords analysis exposes how effective your AdWords campaigns are. And finally, an SEO analysis compares how your website compares to your competitors in search engine results.
When combined, these analyses uncover the opportunities you can leverage and weaknesses you can mitigate. They provide the framework from which you can make more strategic choices so that every dollar you spend is purposeful and tied to a specific, measurable goal.  

Sample Research Timeline

The research and planning portion of developing your custom marketing system can be disconcerting because you will likely not see anything happening. Don't worry. There is a lot of work going on behind the scenes because thorough market research takes a lot of time and concentrated effort. Marketing plan steps take time to map out, but the extra effort is worth it.
Below is a sample timeline for an average research project. This is not set in stone and your project could be very different. This is just to give you an idea of what's happening during the planning and the time each effort takes.

Situation Analysis 30 - 60 Days

◘ SWOT Analysis◘ Brand Audit◘ Competitor Analysis◘ CRM Analysis◘ Website Analysis◘ AdWords Analysis◘ SEO Analysis

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Situation Analysis

Target Market Analysis

Additional Market Research

Strategy & Messaging


Ongoing Tactics

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