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Looking for a Denver PR Firm? We can help your company create a media presence and earn media placements in blogs, magazines, newspapers, social media, and review sites.


Why Should You Care About Earned Media?

It’s moderately fun to write your own marketing campaigns and tell the world about your product or service. But it is ridiculously, over-the-top exciting when other people write great things about your company and tell others about why they love you. Now that is a party. 

Earned Media Services

Earned media is communication about your company, products or services in print and digital media that your company did not pay for. Earned media is typically found on three platforms: • Publications (magazines, blogs, and newspapers)• Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etc.)• Review Sites (Yelp, TrustPilot, Google My Business, Facebook, etc.)


Reputable PR Firms Keep It On The Up-and-Up

Our Denver-based PR firm helps you authentically garner more mentions on these three platforms to build more trust with your audience. We don’t manipulate, fabricate or do anything shady to gain these media mentions, so your brand reputation will never be compromised. Contact us about getting your company more earned media.

Build Trust With Your Audience

Consumers perceive the unpaid mentions on these platforms as more authentic and reliable. Social media and review sites equate to word of mouth (WOM) marketing which is the most effective marketing there is. Getting featured or mentioned in outside publications builds your credibility as it isn’t you saying glowing things about business, It is an outside source that corroborating your value. 

Get Your Company Mentioned In The Media

Denver PR firm, Paige Black can get your company featured or mentioned in blogs, newspapers, and magazines. These placements will also help you gain valuable search engine optimization backlinks when the copy links back to your website. We offer two types of publication placements. The first is getting quoted as an expert source and the second is the feature story.

Expert Source

Feature Stories

Expert Source

Get Quoted As An Expert Source

One of the ways your business or employees can be on the pages of blogs, magazines, and newspapers is by being quoted as an expert source. For example, let’s say your CEO is an engineer, inventor, and entrepreneur in the IT and communications industry. A local or national publication is doing a story on trends happening in the communications industry and they are looking for an expert source to discuss how these trends are affecting small businesses. Denver PR firm, Paige Black steps in and pitches your CEO to the publication so that they choose your CEO as the expert who is quoted in the story. Talk to us about becoming an expert source in the media.

What Our Clients Say

"The team at Paige Black gets to know their clients' needs and are very honest about when to expect results. They told me PR and SEO would take a couple of months but then it would start clicking along and it did! My PR took on a mind of its own which is fantastic. . . I love working with the team and the results I have seen!"

Katherine F., Event Company Owner

Get Social Media Mentions

When consumers post about your products or services on their social media platforms, your brand gets in front of their followers in the most genuine way. 
92% of consumers turn to people they know for referrals above any other source.84% of consumers say they trust peer recommendations above all other sources of advertising.71% of consumers are likely to purchase an item based on social media referrals.
A robust social media presence is the first step in attaining these authentic mentions. The brand that spends time interacting with their audience is more likely to gain independent, spontaneous mentions than the brand that is silent on social platforms. Visit our social media page for more information on our social media services.   


Review Sites

Review sites are the devil or a godsend depending on how you manage them. Some businesses can thrive or die depending on the consumer reports they receive on review sites. They are a powerful form of earned media. In fact, according to Brite Local’s 2018 Local Consumer Review Survey
• 86% of consumers read reviews for local businesses,• Consumers read an average of 10 online reviews before feeling able to trust a local business.• 57% of consumers will only use a business if it has 4 or more stars.
With that kind of user trust in reviews, it’s hard to ignore the power they have. Luckily, Paige Black, your Denver-based PR firm has experience cultivating, monitoring, and managing online reviews.

Cultivate More Reviews

We implement ethical ways of getting more customers to review your business so that other potential customers see that your business has a robust audience on review sites. (We never use shady tactics to harvest customer reviews. Not only is it contrary to our ethical standards, but it is also against the law. There are potentially costly repercussions for soliciting fraudulent reviews.) Trust us to only use above-board means of garnering genuine reviews for your business.

Artboard 23

Monitor & Respond

We monitor all the review sites, keeping track of positive and negative reviews. We respond to every review whether negative or positive because eighty-nine percent of consumers read businesses' responses to reviews.
It’s important to demonstrate that you are engaged with your customers and you are listening to all their feedback. The action of responding consistently is a trust signal that consumers view positively.

Manage Reviews

You want to spend more time working in your business, not on it, so we manage the review sites for your business consistently. We keep our eye on the big picture of your brand while taking care of the daily details.
We monitor the quantity as well as the quality of your reviews and the average number of stars your company has on each review site. Then, we work to bolster reviews where needed.

No Amount Of Marketing Will Overcome Bad Customer Service

A note about our review management services. If your business is struggling with consistent processes, employee morale or other issues that affect your products’ quality or customer service, we will refer you to someone who can help you with those issues because they have to be addressed first.
If you have had a spate of bad reviews due to a process break down or other operational challenges, our services can be employed to do damage control. However, no amount of marketing can overcome poor quality or bad customer service.


About Our Fees

Time and money are your most precious resources, so we’ll save you both by being upfront about our media relations fees. We are one of the more affordable Denver PR firms, but if you’re looking to get PR on a shoestring budget, we aren’t the right company for you. Our initial engagement typically starts at $7,500. We have learned that we simply can’t be effective for anything less. Does this sound reasonable to you? 

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