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Web Design:More Than Just Words & Pictures

We view your website as having a pretty big job to do, so we don’t approach it as just an exercise in adding some words and photos to web pages. Your website has to resonate with your most desirable customers and spur them to take action. Your website's words, imagery, and user interface should seamlessly convey your brand’s value and convince your ideal customer to contact you.

"Mike and his team conducted a thorough interview of me and my company’s values and created a wonderful website that has brought real referrals. Mike and Marilyn genuinely care about me and the success of my company. You must talk with them."

Laura B., CEO, merchant services company

Attract The Right Customers, Not Just Any Customers


When you began in business, any customer was a win. Over time, you learned that the wrong customer can cost you much more than any revenues earned from them. Your goal now is to get more customers who are like your best ones and stop attracting the customers who impede your success. Our web designs get you more of the customers you want to do business with and fewer phone calls and form fills from those with whom you don’t.  
Focusing on the right customers is the best way to grow your business. It’s only possible when your Colorado web design company is a partner who wants to solve your marketing problems, not just sell you a website. In fact, if you come to us looking for a website and we don’t think it will solve your problem, we won’t build one for you. And we feel confident in making those kinds of assessments because, during our sales process, we listen more than we talk. 

The Difference Between An Average Website And A Great Website

You don’t want just any website. You want the website that will convince customers to do business with you. You need only to look at how a user interacts with your website in the first few seconds to know how good the design is.
In less than a second, the web visitor makes critical judgments about you, your product, and services and decides if they should explore further. They take in the imagery, colors, white space, and word placement even before their conscious mind realizes it. Subconsciously, they decide if your business is credible or not.

Buyers Form Opinions About Your Business’ Credibility By Your Website

If your web design is not visually appealing and doesn’t have content that is compelling and relevant to the user, they will simply bounce off your site and look for a competitor to do business with.
A 2015 Adobe study found that “Time-starved, skeptical consumers – especially Millennials – crave content that is beautifully designed.” So, even if your content is riveting, a full two-thirds of your audience will leave if your site is not visually appealing. Not surprisingly, the odds that they will return to your site or consider your product or service again are pretty slim.


Denver Custom Website Design

A custom website is unique to your business. It doesn’t look like the cookie-cutter template sites that your competitors rely on. It is custom coded for your unique needs. When you decide that your website’s job is to attract your ideal customer, not just any customer, a custom website becomes essential. Template sites are designed to appeal to the widest range of people--and they do. The result is a sales tool that makes your job harder because you get too many of the wrong kind of leads. 

Website Content

Your website content has to do more than talk about your product or service’s features and benefits. Customers want to know what you can do for them. They demand to do business with brands that truly understand them and the problems they need to solve. They crave authentic, consumer-facing conversations that tell them what you can do for them. Your website content has to do that or it won’t convert visitors into customers.

Native Language Speakers

Only skilled copywriters whose native language is English can produce the kind of nuanced, credible prose that wins hearts and minds. Even though there are website content writers in other countries that can be employed for a fraction of the price of domestic wordsmiths, the content you get is stilted, awkward, and unconvincing to your audience. Yes, in our web design services, you will pay more for the content we provide, but it will be consumer-centric messaging that convincingly outlines your brand’s value and differentiators.

Search Engine Optimization Content

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a critical part of your web design. Without it, your website will likely only be seen by people who already know who you are. SEO makes your website more discoverable online to help you garner new leads outside the sphere of your salespeople. When you are looking to scale your business and grow, SEO is often a key component of that goal. Learn more about our SEO services here

Page Speed and Site Speed

The time it takes for your website content to fully load on the user’s screen is called the "page load time. It has been proven that when a user has to wait for a website to load, they are more likely to give up and look elsewhere. Similarly, when the page speed affects how quickly the user can complete an action (like filling out a contact us form or making a purchase) they won’t complete the task and they’ll go elsewhere. 
“Pages with a longer load time tend to have higher bounce rates and lower average time on page. Longer load times have also been shown to negatively affect conversions.” (Moz). So your web design should include making your website fast. Both humans and search engine bots value fast page speeds. Talk to us about making a fast website for you. 

Our Website Design Process

Your website design experience should be highly collaborative. You should feel comfortable every step of the way and have input into every decision.
Our website design process takes you step-by-step from a discussion of how you want your website to look to black and white wireframes to full-color mockups. You have approval rights at every stage so there are never any surprises. Contact us to get started.

About Our Fees

Time and money are your most precious resources, so we’ll save you both by being upfront about our fees. We are one of the more affordable website design companies in Denver, Colorado, but if you’re looking to get marketing on a shoestring budget, we aren’t the right company for you.
Our typical website engagement starts at $15,000. We have learned that we simply can’t create a high-converting website for anything less. Does this sound reasonable to you? Let's talk.


We Listen More Than We Talk.

The last time you met with a web design company, did they talk about themselves for most of the meeting? How much time did they spend getting to know you? Were they interested in really understanding your business and the challenges you are facing? 
We spend a lot of time getting to know a company and the decision-makers before we engage. We ask questions and listen so that we truly understand your marketing challenges. If we think we can help you, we’ll invite you to continue the conversation. If not, we will refer you to someone else. 

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