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Many businesses approach getting logos in Denver (or anywhere) with something between delight and trepidation. It’s exciting to envision a symbol that will encapsulate your brand. It’s also somewhat concerning. What if the designer doesn’t get it right? 
At best, an incorrect logo is frustrating and time-consuming. At worst, it alienates customers and damages your brand. 
To the right (below on mobile screens) are some of the common problems experienced with logo development. 
Our Collaborative Logo ProcessWe have a collaborative logo design process that ensures you get the right logo for your brand. It also prevents the typical snags businesses experience when they commission a new logo. 
Our seven-step logo design process, (outlined below) can eliminate logo misfires. You can also download our free white paper, How To Get the Right Logo: The Four Guiding Principles of Logo Design which will help you understand the process and make better decisions during it.

  • Not Liked

    Some brand stakeholders do not like the final logo design.

  • Unrelatable

    The logo design does not relate well to the industry.

  • Wrong Colors

    The logo colors are inappropriate for the industry or audience.

  • Incorrect Scaling

    The logo does not scale well when used on printed items, websites, etc.

  • No Resonance

    The logo does not appeal to or resonate with the intended audience.

  • Copy-Cat

    The logo looks too muchlike another brand.

Our Seven-Step Logo Design Process

We continually learn from our engagements and improve our processes, so these steps could change, but here is where they stand now. We will take you through them so you can decide if our approach is a good fit for you.

  • 1

    Brand Discovery

    The first step in getting your logo design right is to understand your business and what makes it unique. In addition to the products or services you offer, you have a mission, vision, and values. (If you haven’t yet solidified these, we can help you create your entire brand.) We spend time internalizing these important foundations of your brand so we can bring that to the design.
    We ask you to identify logos you particularly like and ones you don't and tell us why you feel strongly about those symbols. If the logo is a refresh or re-brand, we talk about the parts of the current logo you want to keep.

  • 2

    Design Direction

    Next, we have a discussion about your logo design directions. We brainstorm together the ideas that are appropriate to your industry, audience, and brand. This is where we narrow the field from “your logo could be absolutely anything” to “these are the key concepts that are the most significant to your brand.”
    Concepts are not meant to summarize the entire value proposition of your organization. They are not meant to explain or define the business in any way. They are merely design directions that help us to narrow the field from endless choices to executable design directions that are accurate for the business.

  • 3

    Brand Color Palettes

    Color palettes further define the direction of your logo by adding mood and energy to your brand symbol. Our designer integrates the psychology of color, the latest color trends, as well as a knowledge of your industry and audience to formulate a few color palettes. Palettes typically incorporate five colors.
    We present the palette options and we discuss them as they relate to the brand, industry, and audience. Colors communicate feeling and spirit so we explore how the target audience will interpret these hues. Collaboratively, we decide on what changes, if any, are needed in the color palettes and we move forward either by adjusting one of the palettes or accepting one.

  • 4


    The designer then takes the chosen concepts and the final color palette and creates several different design mock-ups.
    Sometimes we include renderings of the mock-ups on sample t-shirts, websites, and business cards so that the client can get a better feel for the logo. Providing that context often makes it easier for the client to envision how the logo will look and make a final decision.

  • 5

    Design Discussion

    From here, we have a lot of information to discuss. Not only is the client deliberating the graphic elements but they are also assessing how the palette is incorporated into their logo design. We have a structured conversation first about the graphic representations and second about the color palettes.

  • 6

    Logo Testing

    Sometimes, particularly when the logo design is part of a company re-brand, the client will want to test the different mock-ups with the target audience before they make a final decision.
    We offer the testing of names, logos, and taglines as part of our market research services. Talk to us about testing your brand elements.

  • 7

    Logo Packet

    Upon finalizing the client’s new logo, we create a logo packet which includes the design in all the different formats the client will need it in for digital and print uses such as your email signature, website, business cards, brochures, social media platforms, and billboards.

Our seven-step design process ensures that you get the logo that is right for your business. Let's talk about your logo design goals.

Download Our Guide To Getting The Right Logo

Ensure a successful logo design process by reading our free white paper, How To Get the Right Logo: The Four Guiding Principles of Logo Design.

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