Fractional CMO Services

Why Hire a CMO When You Can Get a CMO and an Entire Marketing Team for the Same Cost?

If your organization is looking to hire a Chief Marketing Officer or Vice President of Marketing, take a moment to think through all your options.
The cost of hiring a senior-level employee for one year is more than it costs to get a fractional CMO and an entire marketing team of specialists through Paige Black.
We bring strategic marketing expertise and a full bench of top marketing specialists to your organization. You get greater accountability and you only pay for the skills you use when you use them.


What Is A Fractional CMO?


A fractional CMO delivers the marketing you need when you need it and allows you to be more agile. 
The environment shifts, the industry changes, and your business must adjust. When you have fixed employees with specific skill sets, it's harder to be agile and shift your marketing to accommodate fluid situations. 
For example, your competitor releases an app that makes it easier for customers to get immediate upgrades and customer service. You're suddenly in need of software developers because no one on your bench can develop an app.
When you have Paige Black as your marketing partner, you have the means to not just build a competing app, but also to evaluate if the app is the best use of your resources given your goals. We provide strategic marketing which is always more cost-effective than reactive marketing.

Key Benefits of a Fractional CMO

  • Strategic Marketing Planning

    Strategic marketing has a higher ROI and costs less in the long term. We specialize in building and executing integrated strategic marketing plans.

  • Team of Specialists

    We have a wide bench of specialists who are tops at what they do. 

  • Save Money

    Pay for the marketing you receive and nothing else.

  • Accountability

    Receive regular reports on the KPIs that matter most to you as a CEO. You have complete transparency and accountability.

  • Unlimited Possibilities

    You're not limited by the capabilities of an in-house team. You have a world of possibilities open to you.

  • HR Relief

    Reduce the HR burden on your company.

The Critical Difference Strategy Makes

Strategic marketing gets higher ROI and costs less long term. Still, most companies don't employ strategy, often mistaking it for tactics. We are a strategic marketing firm that specializes in market research and strategic marketing plans. Not sure what that means? Let's have a conversation.

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Marketing Strategy Versus Tactics

Many people use the term “marketing strategy” when what they are really discussing are tactics. Tactics are things like social media, building a website, content marketing, SEO, newsletters, etc. So, they will say, “We are using a social media marketing strategy to achieve greater engagement.” The truth is, a tactic is an execution. It’s not a strategy.

What Is Marketing Strategy?

A marketing strategy is what guides your tactical decisions. It is a plan, informed by your business’s current situation, that allocates resources to best communicate your value to the right audience at the right time and in the right place. A good marketing strategy will make your marketing budget work harder for you and propel your business forward.

Marketing strategy is the difference between making informed, deliberate decisions on your marketing efforts and guessing what will work. A marketing strategy will save you time and money and could be the difference between success and failure.

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