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What Is A Brand?

Your brand is the identifying elements that give meaning to your product or service in the consumer’s mind. Those brand elements are your mission, vision, values, mantra, logo, tagline, brand standards, and messaging. In addition to your brand elements, your brand is also what you, your employees, and customers think and say about your offerings. Your brand exists in material forms such as in your logo and products and it also exists intangibly in the brand perceptions of your staff and customers.
When you hire an agency to create your brand, they will undertake the process of constructing, maintaining, and adjusting your brand elements to incite positive perceptions about your product or service. The goal of branding is to define and differentiate your product or service so as to attract customers and prompt their loyalty.
Without putting the needs of the customer first, your brand will not be included in their search for solutions. The entire purpose of branding is to make your brand not just relevant but sought after. Before you put together a marketing strategy, take a look at your brand elements and make sure they are providing a solid foundation upon which to build a brand strategy.

Before Paige Black, our branding was ineffective. We didn't know how to talk about what we did and many of our customers didn't really understand our value.
Paige Black rebranded us and the difference is like night and day. Our brand improved a hundred-fold. They do our social media and deliver email newsletters every week that reiterate our value to our customers. They helped us kick some major ass in our business!

Rich O., Managing Partner, Restaurant Manufacturers' Rep Company

Brand Elements

There are a number of brand elements that aid in triggering positive perceptions in your customer’s minds. Typically, your company's brand elements should reflect the target market's needs and desires. 
In making branding decisions, it is often best to consider the views and values of your customers first and not your own. This can be tricky, but it is essential to getting your branding right. Below, you will find several of the elements that go into formulating a brand and an explanation of each. 

Mission Statement

Vision Statement


Core Values

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Company Name

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

A mission statement is a brief description of a company's fundamental purpose. It answers the question, "Why does our business exist?" It is the core promise you deliver on. But it can also quickly convey who your target market is, where you operate, and why your services are better or more unique than competitors. It can even project the tone and overall feeling you want your customers to experience when interacting with your brand.
Here is the Paige Black mission statement:
Our mission is to give small businesses clarity in their marketing and resolve their marketing challenges.
This statement tells you what you can expect from us and it guides us in how we do business. 
This entire website actualizes our mission because it is a resource to SMBs, offering education on marketing best practices, tools, and strategies so business owners can make better marketing decisions. We hope that in offering thorough information about marketing, you will see that we partner with companies to solve their problems, not just provide a service.
Creating mission statements is a process of discovery we undertake with the principals of your company. Let’s collaborate to create your mission statement. 

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Logo Design

Tagline, Slogan, Motto

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Brand Standards

Logo Design

Logo Design

Logo Design

Logos are a quick visual means of identifying your brand. The color, text, and imagery of your logo design should be considered carefully to communicate your brand to your target audience. Keep in mind when considering a logo design that when it was first introduced, the Nike swoosh meant nothing. Starbucks’ mermaid was just a mermaid. It was only over time through trillions of customer brand experiences that those logos came to have significant meaning to people.
Want to know more about logo design? Download our white paper on how to get the right logo.

Messaging Guidelines

Just as brand standards are the model for how the brand appears visually in all media, the messaging guidelines provide the blueprint for all brand messaging. The brand voice, value propositions, differentiators, primary messages, and secondary messages are spelled out in the guidelines and form the basis for all brand communication. Everything from the brand’s videos to social posts to brochures to email signatures should include the words from the messaging guidelines.

Brand Messaging

Brand Messaging

Your messaging is a critical element of your branding because it forms the cognitive connections between your brand and your customer. It conveys your brand promise, what you stand for, who your target market is, why they should do business with you and a myriad of other ideas. Done well, your message will resonate with your target audience, make them form favorable perceptions of your product or service, and motivate them to do business with you. Done poorly, your messaging will repel your target market or worse, be completely unnoticed.

How To Obtain Effective Brand Messages

We create compelling, relevant brand messages because we rely on market research to inform our messaging decisions. We study not only what the audience wants and needs, but also how they express those desires. How the audience speaks--the words they use--are just as important as what they say. To cut through the competition’s messages and get your customer’s attention, you have to speak their language. We create those highly relevant messages because we do the critical groundwork of competitor analysis and target market research that uncovers those key insights. 

Denver Branding Agency

If you are concerned that your brand is making you less competitive, we can help. We can analyze your brand with a thorough brand audit to uncover the gap between what you want your brand to communicate and what the target audience is perceiving. Contact us to get started.

We Listen

The last time you met with a new marketing company, did they talk about themselves for most of the meeting? How much time did they spend getting to know you? Were they interested in really understanding your business and the challenges you are facing?
We spend a lot of time getting to know a company and the decision-makers before we engage. We ask questions and listen so that we truly understand your marketing challenges. If we think we can help you, we’ll invite you to continue the conversation. If not, we will refer you to someone else.

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