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Branding isn’t a trend. It is a fundamental business practice that can inform your corporate initiatives, communications strategy, marketing strategy, and virtually every other business decision. Without a well-defined brand, you risk being irrelevant to the audience you are trying to appeal to.
Establishing a distinct brand differentiates your business from competitors and is more compelling to your audience. When customers have strong, positive, unique experiences they associate with your brand, they will come back for more and be willing to pay more for the interactions. A corporate branding package can help you build and retain customer loyalty that will increase your profits.
At Paige Black, we develop consumer-focused brands that communicate your value by telling customers what they will get when they engage with your brand. Whether you’re an established organization looking to re-brand, or a start-up, we offer packages that address the branding needs of businesses at any stage. Below, we outline the elements of a brand. These are all the areas in which we provide services. Want to talk about your brand?

Brand Foundations

Our branding packages often start with brand foundations. These include formulating the mission statement, vision statement, and core values of your company. Don’t underestimate the importance of these three foundational elements. They motivate, inspire, and keep you and your stakeholders on track.

Mission Statement

Your mission is your intent in doing business. It’s a clear statement that expresses your company’s goals and what you promise to deliver to your customers. Your mission statement allows you to quickly convey the value you add to customers’ lives and why they should choose to business with your company over the competition. 

Vision Statement

Your vision statement expresses the outcome of your mission statement, i.e. your business’s ideal world. It outlines internal standards of practice and is a guide that your employees can turn to when faced with feelings of uncertainty or change. Think of your vision statement as a true north for your organization. When in doubt, refer to your vision statement.


Core Values

The core values define your company’s culture, initiatives, and behaviors. They establish your brand’s priorities and can also serve as a reference to employees as they collaborate, share, and ideate with their teammates. Core values form the foundation of an organization's culture, a critical element to attracting and retaining employees.

Corporate Branding - Symbols and Elements

Our corporate branding package can also include brand symbols and elements such as your logo, brand color palette, tagline, motto or slogan, and brand standards.

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Your brand logo is your company’s signature. It allows consumers to quickly distinguish your products from other brands. Often, logos evoke emotions and bring up strong associations for the consumer-- whether they realize it or not.
There is no one-size-fits-all formula for designing an effective logo. Some logos are simple, like Nike’s orange swoosh, and some are more complex, like Starbucks’s green mermaid. The one rule in logos is that they should be compelling and relevant to the target audience. Ideally, a successful logo design is one that increases your brand’s recognition. Our logo design starts at $1,500. Does that sound reasonable? Let’s connect.

Brand Colors

Colors instantly convey meaning and heavily influence the look and feel of your brand.
When we work with companies on their branding, we carefully formulate color palettes to communicate your brand values in ways your target audience will resonate with.
We incorporate color theory, a knowledge of modern design, an understanding of your audience, and familiarity with your brand’s personality to create the right brand color palette for your organization. The final brand palette should encapsulate the energy of your organization in a way that speaks to the target audience.

Taglines, Slogans, and Mottos

Taglines and slogans (a.k.a mottos) further inform customers about what they can expect from your brand.
A slogan or motto often communicates the brand’s mission and value and how the company serves its audience.
A tagline is usually a catchy phrase created for an ad campaign. Taglines reach further into the audience mindset to create an emotional response that garners brand awareness.
Taglines, slogans, and mottos are generally memorable phrases that stay with a brand for many years.

Brand Messaging

Your brand messaging should reflect the values, goals, beliefs, and desires of your target audience. If it doesn't, your brand communications are probably missing the mark.

  • Brand standards

    Brand Standards

    Strong brands are consistent across all touchpoints. They look, feel, and sound the same on the store shelves, in social media, TV ads, brochures, email signatures--anywhere they appear. Our branding package can include creating a brand standards document that details how your brand should always look, feel, and sound. It allows your team to have a standard reference source that informs how and where the logos, colors, fonts, and messages should appear.

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    Brand Messaging

    Brand messaging can also be included in your corporate branding package. It brings your brand to life in words and is based on market research. Brand messaging guidelines include your brand voice, 30-second elevator pitch, value propositions, differentiators, primary messages, and secondary messages.

  • Brand Voice

    Brand Voice

    Your brand voice sets the tone for all your communications. Using adjectives and adverbs, the brand voice describes your brand’s personality and how it should come across to the audience. A brand voice can be lively, compassionate, calm, informative, snarky--or any of a thousand other descriptors. This is the overall demeanor of the brand.

  • Brand Elevator Pitch

    30-Second Elevator Pitch

    If you only had half a minute to tell someone about your brand, what would you say? This is a small but powerful piece of your brand messaging that salespeople and other customer-facing employees use in person. The 30-second elevator pitch is a go-to statement that conveys the brand’s value, why it’s different than competitors and what someone can get by experiencing your brand.

  • Branding Value Propositions

    Value Propositions

    Your value propositions describe the unique aspects of your product or service that enhance your customers’ wellbeing. They explicitly state what a customer gets from engaging with your brand. Specifically stated value propositions inform strong brand communications.

  • Branding Differentiators


    Differentiators are what set your business’s products and services apart from the competition. Those differences are your competitive advantage.

  • Brand Primary Messages

    Primary Brand Messages

    Your primary messages are the most important statements you need to communicate to the world. They serve as a basis for how you talk about your brand and address questions or concerns from customers. Primary messages are another mechanism for keeping your brand consistent because consumers will receive the same messages about your brand regardless of where they interact with it, whether through your website, social media, brochures, or advertising collateral.

  • Secondary Brand Messages

    Secondary Brand Messages

    Secondary messages work in conjunction with your primary messages. They reinforce the central idea behind each primary message and provide additional context and clarity.

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Corporate Branding Packages
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Our packages are configured to your needs. We partner with companies to solve their problems, not just provide a service. Talk to us about what problems you are trying to solve and we will help you find the right solution--whether that is working with us or not.

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Our culture is centered around providing value, so we only engage when we know we can deliver results. We work with companies that share our values, have a compatible culture, and with whom we can create productive collaborations. We constantly examine and reexamine if we are doing the right work for our clients and that can only happen in an environment where we know our clients are the right fit for our team. Is fit important to you in your collaborations? Let’s talk.

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