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You’re tired of spending money on marketing that doesn’t work. You want to scale your business, but realize that your current efforts won’t get you there. You’re probably wondering, what can I do to increase my leads and catapult my business to the next level? The answer is to measure marketing success to identify what’s working, what isn’t, and where to spend your budget. 
You are likely wondering how to measure success in marketing. No worries. We can help. Paige Black helps businesses measure marketing effectiveness across platforms. 
Our approach will help you scale your business, but it isn’t for everyone. It’s for business owners who want a collaborative partner and who have a long term vision because building marketing systems that consistently generate high-quality leads takes time and effort. If you are looking for a quick and easy solution, we understand, but we’re not the firm for you. 
Whether or not we’re a good fit, we want to share the basics of marketing measurement so you can make informed decisions on what’s right for your business.


How To Measure Marketing Success

It’s critical to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. You can’t accurately judge which initiatives bring in new customers without tracking the outcome of each one. Otherwise, you may allocate funds toward lackluster initiatives while neglecting sales drivers. We recommend putting a measurement plan in place before you begin any marketing campaign so that it’s clear which metrics you’ll measure, who will measure them, and at what intervals.

Marketing Measurement Plan

From social media to SEO to postcard mailings--you need to track every single thing you do with your marketing budget. The more meticulous you are in measuring your marketing effectiveness, the better your chances for improving your return on investment (ROI).
If a campaign produces lots of great leads, you may want to funnel more money toward that tactic. If a campaign is not producing the desired results, you’ll want to discontinue it. You won’t know enough to make these critical decisions, however, unless you measure, measure, measure.


Key Performance Indicators

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are specific metrics that benchmark your progress toward business goals. Without outlining all the KPIs for each campaign, your efforts to measure marketing effectiveness and measure marketing ROI won’t be consistent, and you likely won’t get the return on investment you are hoping for. 


Choosing KPIs

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KPIs in Channels

Choosing KPIs

Choosing KPIs

The trick in choosing KPIs that accurately measure marketing performance is to select determinants that impact your company goals. Often, those factors align with some type of conversion, whether it be a white paper download, a completed contact form, or purchase. These metrics are easy to quantify and clearly contribute to sales targets. 
You can also measure marketing success by tracking a “leading indicator.” This kind of KPI can help you understand the preliminary impact of your marketing efforts if you’ve yet to see significant customer activity. For example, if you recently launched a new corporate website but are still not seeing form fills, a leading indicator may be the duration of time customers spend on the site. You could track the number of customers that spend at least two minutes perusing your site as a KPI to gauge if your efforts are working.

Marketing Analytics

Professionals discovering how to measure marketing's effectiveness invariably turn to marketing analytics. As a business, you have a constant influx of customer information-- whether you realize it or not. The challenge is how to collect and interpret that customer data in ways that are actionable for your organization. That’s where marketing analytics come in.
Marketing analytics refers to all the platforms and systems marketers use to measure marketing performance. Benefits of using marketing analytics include identifying profit centers, defining long-term trends and accurately measuring marketing ROI.

This is especially helpful when needing to demonstrate the value of your marketing efforts to higher-ups in the organization as analytics provide the numbers to back up your claims.
Paige Black uses multiple digital marketing analytics tools including Google Search Console, Moz Pro, and Google Analytics. We know that nowhere is marketing-speak more intimidating than in marketing analytics. Below we describe a few tools in clear terms to help shed light on how to measure marketing success through digital analytics.

Google Search Console

Moz Pro

Google Analytics

Google Search Console

Google Search Console

Unless your corporate website was just launched, it’s likely already in Google’s search index. Meaning, Google found and analyzed your website and its content including images, video, and blog posts. Google then stored that information in its index. When a user searches a query, Google retrieves the information about your website from the index to determine if your site is relevant to the search query and ranks your site on the results page accordingly.
Google Search Console lets site owners check their indexing status and take steps to improve their site's visibility in search results. The console contains numerous features to help optimize your site like a tool to check for errors in your website map and a compiled list of internal and external pages that link back to your site.

Marketing Dashboard

A marketing dashboard is another way to measure marketing success. It’s a visual reporting tool that shows you in real-time how your campaigns are performing right now. Marketing dashboards are designed to be easier to understand at a glance and offer a faster way to measure marketing performance. 

The data in marketing dashboards is visualized in graphs and charts and the key performance indicators that matter most are featured. Most importantly, a marketing dashboard allows stakeholders to continuously monitor campaign performance and measure marketing ROI so adjustments can be made to campaigns more regularly. While a marketing report may be distributed monthly, a dashboard can be accessed anytime.


Scale Your Business With An Effective Marketing System From Paige Black

Our approach not only helps you to scale your business, but it also teaches you how to measure your company's marketing success for yourself. We work with businesses that have a similar collaborative culture to our own and that understand the time and dedication it takes to measure marketing success. We’re here to help, but we’re not a quick fix. If you are interested in a long term collaboration to grow your business, let’s talk.

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