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Market research is the difference between hoping your marketing efforts will work and knowing they will show a return on investment. You will earn more leads, more sales, and more revenue when you execute a clear, strategic marketing plan that is founded on market research.  
Market Research Services for Small BusinessesYou may think market research is something that only big companies invest in. But the truth is, smart companies invest in marketing research because it’s the only way to produce a powerful marketing system. That warrants repeating. Market research is the only way to get the intelligence needed to formulate a truly effective marketing system for your small business. 

Paige Black built my website and conducted in-depth research to determine what marketing plan would help me reach my target client demographic. Mike and Marilyn were great to work with, understood my business goals, and tailored a marketing solution for my specific business.

I would definitely recommend Paige Black to any company that needs not just marketing activities, but, more importantly, activities that will help you meet your business’s revenue goals.

Phillip H., Founder Law Firm

Think of Market Research as Market Intelligence

Market research can take many forms, but no matter what kind it is, when it's done well, it is a competitive advantage. Why? Because market research can tell you things like why your customers aren’t responding to your new suite of services. It can inform your social media posts so they engage your audience. It can uncover the needs of your customers you never knew they had. Whatever your question about your brand, your audience or your messaging, market research is the way to uncover the answers.

Market Research Is Your Competitive Advantage

It’s a wonder to us why so many small businesses avoid market research or just don’t know about it. If the subject is new to you, allow us to tell you about our market research services for small businesses.
On this page, our situation analysis page, and our marketing strategy page, we explain what small business market research is and why it will help you. Have a look, and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out.

Types of Market Research We Offer

We offer several types of market research. We use many kinds of research methods, structuring our studies to best fit the needs of the client. 

Product Development Research

Satisfaction & Loyalty Analysis 

Name, Logo, and Tagline Testing

Product Development Research

Product Development Research

Should the buttons be blue or orange? Which features will drive more early adoption and which can be developed later? How can we innovate this legacy product to gain new excitement in the marketplace? When you can definitively answer these types of questions, your product becomes more robust and more likely to be profitable. We offer product development research to help you answer these types of questions so you can make more informed decisions. 
Why Can’t You Do Your Own Product Development Research?As the creator of a product, you are often too close to it to understand how your users will view it and use it. With our product development research, clients often learn insights about their product and the target audience they hadn't realized. 
We will test your product with target market users and give actionable feedback so that you can then refine it into the best solution available. Contact us to discover your users’ preferences and unmet needs and identify new opportunities. 

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