Marketing Systems

    Wouldn’t it be great if you had a system that worked month after month generating good leads for you? Your business can have a custom system tailored to your goals and that delivers the kinds of customers you want most because it was designed with them in mind. 

    What Is A Marketing System?

    Strong marketing attracts the right customers to your business. The old maxim that 80% of your revenue comes from 20% of your customers is probably true in your business. It’s time to change those ratios so you get more of the customers you love and less of the ones that take up too much of your time. Our systems focus on getting leads from the kind of customers you want and paring down the inquiries from the customers that aren’t profitable for you. 
    View the steps in creating a marketing process.

     Custom Marketing Systems

    Get The Right Customers, Not just Any Customers

    When you began in business, any customer was a win. Over time, you learned that the wrong customer can cost you much more than any revenues earned from them. Your goal now is to get more customers who are like your best ones and stop attracting the customers who impede your success.
    You probably have ideal customers that you wish you had a hundred, a thousand, or a million more of. Through market research, we pinpoint the beliefs, behaviors, and pain points of those folks and create messaging that speaks directly to them. We also zero in on the customer journey and use life cycle marketing techniques to get you more of the customers you want.
    Building the right system for your business is not quick or easy, so if you are looking for a fast fix, we’re probably not the agency for you. We only work with companies that are the right fit for what we offer. We partner with companies to solve their problems, not just provide a one-off service. Sound reasonable? 

    The Process

    Initiate Kick-Azz Goals

    The process begins with understanding your goals. We write very specific objectives that are tied to your overall business goals. For example, “Get more customers,” is not a goal. That’s a wish. A better version of that might be, “Obtain 100 new enterprise-level customers in the next 12 months who have revenues over $20M yearly and who place greater value on customer service than cost. That is a specific, measurable, and focused goal.

    Conduct Market Research

    Next, we undertake market research and a situation analysis. We have to understand your business circumstances thoroughly. This part is not for sissies. We take an objective 360 view and give you the findings as they relate to creating your marketing plan. Sometimes the news is great. Sometimes it’s not. But it will get you where you want to go.

    Build The Marketing Strategy

    Our third step is to construct a deliberate and considered marketing strategy based on the situation analysis and your goals.

    Integrate Your Sales & Marketing Efforts

    Fourth, and sometimes most importantly, we collaborate with your sales team. If your sales team and marketing department aren’t fully aligned, you are losing money. Next bring these two departments into sync. We examine your sales process and your marketing directives to find the gaps between them. We then create a plan informed by the market research to overcome these differences. Our approach combines research, processes, and psychology to bring your sales and marketing efforts into alignment. Want to know more about aligning your sales and marketing teams? Contact us

    Create Messaging

    Once the marketing and sales teams are on the same page we take what we learned from that process and create messaging guidelines. This document outlines exactly how your brand will communicate with your target markets across all channels.

    Choose The Delivery Methods

    Now that we know what we are saying, to whom, why, and for what desired result, we then decide on how we will deliver these messages. Delivery is all about tactics. Will we use social media, SEO, email marketing, media relations, advertising, or events? Most likely, we will use a combination of tactics. The choices are driven by your budget and everything we have learned in steps one through five.
    Hopefully, you have noticed that choosing tactics is step six of the process. Most SMBs start with tactics, cross their fingers, and hope something works. Trying tactics willy nilly is expensive, time-consuming, and will not get you to a proven system that consistently generates high-quality leads. Ready to get started? Contact us.

    Measure Results

    A structured measurement plan outlines the key performance indicators (KPIs) by which we will measure each of the campaigns we put in place. We continually measure against our goals in step one and make adjustments where necessary. Over time, efficiencies increase, costs per lead decrease and you realize a good return on your investment.

    Scale Your Business With An Effective Marketing System

    When you want to scale your business, you need comprehensive marketing based on a solid marketing strategy to increase your leads and catapult your business to the next level. Our approach will help you scale your business, but it isn’t for everyone. It is for business owners who want a collaborative partner and have a long term vision. 
    If you want a quick and easy solution, we can refer you to another firm. But if you want marketing that consistently earns a high return on investment, let’s talk about who your ideal customers are and their path to purchase. 

    Scale Your Business

    Marketing Systems Aren’t Right For Every Business

    As you can see, creating a custom marketing plan is a thorough and deliberate process. By engaging in it, we uncover and solve the issues preventing you from marketing your business effectively. It requires a commitment on your part because you won’t see immediate results. However, what you gain is a long-term solution to your most perplexing marketing challenges. Sound good? Contact us.

    The Right Fit Is Critical

    We are interested in working with companies who are looking for long-term solutions to build their business. Your company culture and ours should be a good match so that it’s a successful collaboration. Like you, we want to grow but we want customers who are the right fit for our solutions and our values. Our company culture is critical to our success, so it’s imperative that our customers are great partners. Are you a great partner? Contact us.

    We Listen More Than We Talk

    We spend a lot of time getting to know a company and the decision-makers before we engage. We ask questions and listen so that we truly understand your marketing challenges. If we think we can help you, we’ll invite you to continue the conversation. If not, we will refer you to someone else. Ultimately, we want to get you to the right place to help you succeed. Want to learn more? Let’s talk.

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