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Does Your Guarantee Matter?

How to Create a Powerful Guarantee That Matters

Though the last step to consider in this process, your guarantee is one of the most important parts of your messaging. As you consider exactly what you should dub your guarantee, take a look at your primary and secondary messaging and see what exactly you are promising your customers about your product and brand. 
If what you are promising your target market does not align with your guarantee, then some adjustments need to be made. Every aspect of your messaging should match, so any potential customer who comes into contact with your brand has the same idea about what you do, regardless of which channel they discovered your brand. 

Your guarantee will also give customers an idea of how your company handles situations where you don’t deliver on your proven promise. How does your company solve problems that customers have with your product or service? Are they handled quickly and resolved fully, or are your unhappy customers disregarded? Your guarantee is just one more area to build trust with your client base, so utilize this step to further show your customers why your brand is the clear choice.

Then, like you did with your proven process, take a look at your guarantee from your target market’s perspective and ask yourself: is what you are promising here important to your customers, or only to you and your team? Will your guarantee actually mean something to your customers? This is important because your customers will consider their risk vs. reward when deciding whether or not to engage with your business. If what you are guaranteeing your customers in the case that the product or service does not work for them does not outweigh the time, effort, money, or resources they had to expend in the first place, then chances are you do not have an effective guarantee.

Of course you don’t want to put yourself in a bad financial situation trying to keep your guarantee for your customers, but if your customers are losing money, then chances are you will lose their business. So, creating a guarantee that will work for both you and your target market is essential for long-term business growth. Really consider what you could stand to lose and what your customers have to expend before landing on a guarantee. You want to make sure that you are making the right promises to your customers so you can continue to build trust in your brand. With a guarantee that you can keep every time, your customers know that you are a business they can count on.


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