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There are two important parts to consider when developing your proven process: how are you going to make sure it is understood both internally and externally? At first glance, it might seem like your proven process is meant to be kept entirely internal, because after all, it’s developed around how your business should operate. 
It is, of course, critical that everyone on your team not only understands your proven process, but is operating according to it consistently. However, it is equally important that your target market and potential customers understand your proven process as well. 
When your proven process is part of your messaging and your target market can see that you are consistently delivering and meeting the expectations you set for yourself, it builds trust and loyalty to your brand.

Take some time to consider your proven process from your client’s point of view. Understanding that the way you operate impacts your customers will help you develop a process that will benefit everyone. Ultimately you want to convey to your target market that you understand their needs and the outcome they are hoping for when they engage with your business, and that you have an effective process in place to ensure that you are hitting the mark every time. 
Your proven process is in place partly to prevent buyer’s remorse. Making sure that your customers get what they expect and are happy with their purchase is necessary if you want to continue to expand your customer base. 
So, having a proven process in place that will hold your team responsible can limit buyer’s remorse and garner more trust and respect for your brand. If your customers know exactly what to expect from your company, and you’re delivering on that almost every time, then your customers can make their purchase in good conscience. 


As you begin to rethink your proven process, consider what is important to your best clients in each step of their buying process, so you can make sure that you are placing value on the same things your customers are. You must use clear and careful language when conveying your proven process so your customers can easily see that you understand the outcome they desire from your product or service. You want to leave your customers with the knowledge that you know how to solve their problems and that your product will do that better than the competitors, because the plan you have in place for delivering is consistently followed by the entire company.
It is important to note too, that your proven process might have steps that are necessary for your team to follow that your target market will not care about. These steps will most likely make the parts your customers do care about more effective, so while you should absolutely keep and follow these parts of your process, they should not be something you include in your messaging. 
You should only spend time and effort marketing ideas that will draw in more customers. Leave out the internal steps that will either create confusion for your customers or lessen the impact of your messaging; you don’t want to draw attention away from what your target market considers most important. 

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