5 Things To Do Right Now To Market Your Business Post-COVID19

May 15, 2020 | COVID19, Marketing


By Marilyn Heywood Paige

You may not be operating at full speed right now, which makes it the perfect time to update your marketing efforts. Do these five things and you will have an easier time relaunching in the new business environment.

1. Survey Your Customers 

The best way to know what has changed for your customers during the pandemic is to ask them. Their needs have changed, and they are making adjustments to how they purchase. You need to understand these shifts so you can provide relevant solutions. 
Leverage Your Loyal Customers Interview via phone or Zoom your brand evangelists (loyal customers) to learn what they value about your brand and what they could do without. Find out how their purchasing decision-making-processes have changed since February.
Send surveys to the rest of your customers. You want to understand what’s on their minds and how they are making purchases so you can leverage these new pathways to your advantage and create content that fits their needs.

2. Create Content 


This is an infographic we created for a client.

Now is the time to create all the things you need to engage prospective customers and enhance your sales team’s arsenal. Think through your buyers’ steps to purchase and the questions they ask along the way. Examine all your current assets and find the gaps between what you own and the questions that are still unanswered. 
Remember to make content more engaging by using videos, infographics, polls, podcasts, and anything else off the beaten path. Then distribute these assets far and wide. 

3. Keep Your Audience Engaged

Make use of all that great content and keep your brand in front of your customers and prospects. Even if no one is buying today, they are still consuming content. They are scanning the Internet, reading emails, visiting their social media platforms, and favorite publishing sites. Make sure your brand meets them where they are. Distribute your thought leadership through emails, newsletters, social posts, blogs, podcasts, videos, and more. 

4. Use Data to Optimize

All those pesky reports you glanced at when you were busy are the perfect things to dive into now. 
Google AnalyticsGrab your last Google Analytics report and get your SEO specialist on the phone. Review the report together and talk through the actionable insights. Make a plan to update your website according to the findings and improve your site’s search engine optimization.
CRM AnalysisDelve into your CRM and find where your profit centers are. Discover the time it takes to close fresh leads. Ferret out which industries are most and least profitable for you. Pull out a list of customers who haven’t purchased from you in a while. Use these and other data insights to make needed changes to people, processes, and technology. 

All those pesky reports you glanced at when you were busy are the perfect things to dive into now. 
Social Media AnalyticsWhen is the last time you looked at your social media analytics? Examine your audience engagement and reactions by topic. Perhaps your topic ratios need to shift. Retool your messaging to your target markets with consideration of what you learned from your customer interviews and surveys. 
Email Marketing AnalyticsIt’s easy to just push “send“ and not think about your email marketing again. Use this valuable downtime to explore ways to improve your email messaging. How many opens do you get? Which subject lines performed best this year? Which content garnered the most clicks? Learn and optimize. Sure, some past data won’t be relevant right now as messaging has shifted radically during COVID, but you can combine this data with your interview and survey insights to push your messaging into greater relevancy. 


5. Plan Your Grand Reopening

Everyone is eager for good news and joyous occasions, so make some fanfare around your comeback. Give your audience a reason to celebrate with you. Hold an event in person or online. Be sure to send plenty of invitations and announcements through email and social media. Remember to include how you will keep people safe if the event is in person. 
Provide Special OffersShow genuine appreciation for your customers by offering coupons, free gifts with purchase, or other purchase incentives. 
Roll the Video CamerasIn-person or online, video the event to share on your website and in social media so anyone who didn’t attend can still feel they are a part of your relaunch.

Yes, things are strange right now, but doing these five things will improve your marketing efforts and set you up for success when things get less weird. 

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