How To Attract Your Ideal Client To Your Business

December 2, 2019 | Messaging, Customers, Ideal Client

by Marilyn Heywood Paige

Customers keep you in business, but the wrong ones can take a toll on your business. (For more on this, read Cost of Customer Acquisition: 3 Signs Your Customers Are Costing You Too Much) Below, we outline how to attract your ideal client to your business so you can earn more and enjoy the process too.

How to Identify Your Ideal Customers

If you want more of your ideal customers you have to first identify who they are. Start with your CRM and analyze the data. While you may think that your best customers are your monthly buyers, a scrupulous inventory of your database may reveal that your high-profit customers are entirely different. You won’t know what your true profit centers are until you drill into your data.


Study Your Best Customers

Through the CRM analysis, you may have identified several categories of ideal customers. For example, the ones who make a large purchase once a year, the ones who are monthly buyers, and the ones who tell all their friends about you.

Study each type like a science project until you know them as well as your own children. Be fluent in each of their languages and their individual paths to purchase. Learn their fears, obstacles, goals, and aspirations around using your product or services. You have to understand why they buy from you and how they make decisions. Get inside their head and think like them so you can communicate authentically with them.

Formulate Buyer Personas


The slick marketing-speak for each of these customer categories is a “buyer persona.” This was invented so that businesses could personalize each category as it’s easier to talk to and about a person rather than a category.

Buyer personas name and summarize what you know about each of these types of buyers. They are typically given a name that delineates their value to the company. For example, Larry Large Purchaser, Martin Monthly, and Evelyn Evangelist attribute both a human face and their corporate value to the category.

Create Messages for Each Persona

Once you have drilled into who exactly your ideal customers are, create messages that will be compelling and relevant to each of them. Evelyn Evangelist will probably love a loyalty program that rewards her for referring you new business. Monthly Martin might resonate with frequent messages of buyer appreciation. And Larry Large Purchase might love a reminder email 30 to 60 days before the anniversary of his last purchase. 
This speciality dressmaker details how to create customer loyalty during in-person interactions with customers, demonstrating that knowing your customer is the first step to creating memorable experiences for them. 
Targeted messages are more effective as they are more pertinent to the audience. They build greater rapport and loyalty with your ideal customers. The more you customize your communications to those ideal clients, the more of them your business will attract. Soon, you can eliminate bad customers and enjoy the rewards of having more of your ideal clientele. 
Want more of the right customers? We can create buyer personas and customized messages for your business. Contact us to get started. 

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