Make Brand Evangelists Your Brand’s New BFF

June 15, 2020| Brand Evangelists

By Laura Gardner

Has there ever been a product you couldn’t get enough of? Were you were blown away by its quality or the accompanying customer service? Were you so excited about it that you convinced friends to buy it? If you said ‘yes’ to any of the above, you might be a brand evangelist. 
While it’s a great feeling to find a company you love, it’s equally as exciting for brands to have customers who are so taken with their products and services that they can’t help but tell the world. They’re called brand evangelists and they (or maybe it’s you) are extremely valuable.

Read on to learn:● The definition of a brand evangelist● How brand evangelists improve your brand● How to get brand evangelists

A Brand Evangelist is Your Greatest Fan


Think again about that favorite product of yours and about the number of people you told about it. From a brand’s perspective, that kind of word-of-mouth marketing is invaluable. But, that’s what brand evangelism is— word-of-mouth marketing.

A brand evangelist is a person who actively supports a company or product so much that they seek out opportunities to share their love for it. They are your brand’s greatest fans.

A brand evangelist is different than a loyal customer or positive reviewer. Though both of these things are valuable, what qualifies a brand evangelist is the customer’s willingness to go out of their way to speak highly of and promote a brand or product. 

Brand Evangelists Make Your Brand Stronger

Brand evangelists do more than just speak highly of your brand, they: 
● Foster trust with your audience● Build your customer base● Provide insight into how to improve

Customers Trust other Customers

Today’s consumers are increasingly savvy, and therefore increasingly wary of brands that overpromise and underdeliver. No matter how earnest and eloquent your social media posts or website content are, most customers won’t trust your claims unless they or someone they trust experience it for themselves. 
Seems like a catch-22, doesn’t it? If customers don’t trust my brand because they haven’t tried it, how can I get them to try my brand so they know my claims are true?
Enter your brand evangelists. These individuals have a thorough knowledge of your brand and will happily tell their peers about their positive experiences. That’s why they’re so effective. Most people would rather have a friend or family member recommend a product or service rather than comb through Google hoping they make the right choice. Brand evangelists help your brand connect with these adrift consumers and give them the confidence to engage with you.

Build Your Customer Base

We’ve already seen how brand evangelists can convert their friends and peers to your brand. Now, imagine if every person you told about your favorite product told even just one other person. Then, that person told one other person, and so on. As a result, your potential audience grows exponentially. 

Provide Insight Into How to Improve

If you want to learn how your brand can improve, the first thing to do is to ask your brand evangelists. 
Brand evangelists want you to succeed. They feel they’re better off having you in their lives and don’t want to see you go anywhere, so they’re open to providing feedback and pointing out weaknesses of which you may be unaware. 
You can take what you learn and apply it to many areas of your business strategy, including brand messages, pricing models, and customer service operations. 

Turn Customers into Brand Evangelists

Surely, brand evangelists sound great. But, how you do get them? 
The truth is, brand evangelists don’t appear overnight. They’re earned over time with consistent quality, transparency, and excellent customer service.
You can learn who your potential evangelists might be by reaching out to your loyal customers. Let them know you appreciate their business and want to hear from them if there is any way you can improve their experience. As you begin to strengthen those relationships, you’ll be well on your way to having brand evangelists of your own. 


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