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May 1, 2022| Marketing

By Laura Santiago

You might have the best product or service in the world, but without excellent marketing you may never reach those who want and need what you’re offering. Many companies are discovering great success by opting to outsource this essential part of doing business.

Ideally, every company would have a dedicated marketing department— one that really understands the needs of the business. However, this isn’t always feasible and may not make sense from a financial standpoint. Fortunately, working with an outside contractor for your marketing can provide benefits and efficiencies that rival the effectiveness of an in-house team. It’s not necessarily a second-best option—in some cases, outsourcing may even be the more logical choice.
For example, it might not make sense to have a full-time team year-round when marketing efforts may be more cyclical throughout the year. Some businesses require heavy marketing efforts during, say, the holiday season and the rest of the year is quieter. A fully staffed team would be unnecessary for the entire year if this was the case.
In this blog we discuss the marketing challenges that businesses face and the benefits of outsourcing your marketing efforts as a viable way of growing your business.


Marketing Challenges for Businesses

Limited ResourcesUnless you have a team dedicated to marketing and keeping up with the latest trends and practices, it might be difficult to keep up with the competitive landscape. Doing the work in-house does make sense from the standpoint that someone understands your business but that is only one part of what makes an overall marketing effort successful. Therefore, it’s important to ask, does your team really have the time and resources to meet these challenges?
Marketing as a Necessary Part of Doing BusinessBusiness owners are experts at running their business. As for the additional services that are necessary to running a business, such as accounting or legal services, it is common for many businesses to work with outside service providers. With this in mind, doesn’t it also make sense that marketing could also be handed over to a partner company with whom you develop a long-term relationship?
ObjectivityBeing able to step outside of your own company and view the business with objectivity is difficult to do, but extremely important if you want to know how your customers really see you. Having an outside party provide honest feedback about the current marketing efforts and the perception of your brand can make all the difference to producing more effective marketing messages and content that will resonate with your customers.


Three Reasons Outsource Marketing Could Be The Right Solution for Your Company

1. Working with ExpertsAs experts in the field of marketing, the team will be able to understand your customers, the business landscape in your field, and the best ways to reach your audiences. With how quickly the digital landscape alone is changing, knowing where your customers spend time and how they consume media is a critical part of getting your product and services in front of them. Unless you are willing to spend the time and resources to be well-versed in every platform, you could be missing out on very lucrative opportunities. An expert team of marketers will ensure you have all of your bases covered.
2. Can Efficiently Work on an As-Needed BasisNeed to ramp up efforts to support the launch of a new project? Or maybe business has been stagnant and you need to develop a new strategy? There are moments like these for every company where marketing efforts will need to be a primary focus and this is a great time to bring on a team to concentrate on these areas for a very focused period. Other times you may only require a steady stream of communications that can be pre-planned and scheduled. It makes sense to invest more when you need it and reserve resources during quieter periods, especially if you’re a small or mid-sized business.


3. Collaboration with an Outside Party Can Provide Useful FeedbackA great marketing firm not only carries out projects as requested, they also provide feedback and input where necessary to improve upon the ideas you have. Being able to collaborate and exchange ideas with a seasoned team who can provide some objectivity will help provide clarity on where your business currently stands. Getting a real and honest assessment of your ideas means spending less time on projects that don’t move the needle. 
Whether you have a specific goal in mind that you need executed or don’t know what to do next, reaching out to an Outsource Marketing Service is a great place to start. Learn more about Paige Black’s Outsource Marketing Services here.

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