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    Since 2019, Paige Black has hosted dozens of webinars and LinkedIn Live streams. We have used our newsletter to drive webinar attendance, bolster views to the video replays, and boost the readership of our blog. 
    In that time, our number of subscribers has tripled, our webinar attendance has doubled, and the average time-on-page of our blog is over 4 minutes. (The average reader only spends fewer than 37 seconds reading a blog post.)
    To the left is a recent email design. Below is the copy we wrote in the introduction section.

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    *|FNAME|*,News outlets are forecasting a “Great Resignation” in the coming months, as employers require their staff to return to the office. In the wake of the pandemic, employees are opting out of the in-person 9 to 5 grind in favor of the work-from-home freedom they’ve grown accustomed to over the past year and a half.
    It's Decision TimeWhile the severity of this mass exodus is yet unknown, companies do have an important decision to make—force compliance or forge a new path forward. If this is a dilemma you’re facing, consider the type of culture you’re trying to create. Do you aim to create an environment that prioritizes things like flexibility, accountability, and self-determination? If so, perhaps creating a hybrid workplace—which blends in-person and remote working—is the right choice.
    There are businesses that do not have the option for employees to work from home. Food must be prepared in a commercial kitchen. Heavy machinery can’t be moved. High-security environments can’t be replicated in living rooms. In companies with these logistics, how can you motivate current and future employees to return to the workplace?
    Ask Yourself These QuestionsWhether trying to create a hybrid workplace or motivate your staff to show up and perform well, the conflict between employer and staff often boils down to communication (or lack thereof). Are you communicating company changes and updates with candor and transparency? Are you conveying your expectations and tracking them through KPIs to hold employees accountable for their results? Do your employees know how their work contributes to the company goals? When hiring, are you creating job ads that are employee-centric, or are they all about how great your company is?
    Where to Find AnswersWe hosted a panel discussion with three experts last week on Hiring and Retaining Great Employees in 2021. Watch the replay and gain insights into how to manage these issues.
    It's time to create intentional messaging to help you keep everyone on the same page, pivot quickly when necessary, and lift employee morale—all of which are important as we face the challenges that lie ahead. If you need assistance with your internal communications strategy and execution, we can help. 
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