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    As experts in our field, we can speak to your group on many different sales and marketing topics. Below are our speaker's bios and the topics they can speak on. To book a speaker for your next business event,

    Mike Black, CEO, Paige Black

    Mike Black



    Marilyn Heywood Paige

    Chief Marketing Officer

    • How To Connect Your Business Goals to Your Marketing & Measure The Results

      Marketing your business is a bit of a black hole. You’re not sure how to connect your business goals to your marketing or how to measure your efforts. What are the benchmarks? How do you measure the performance of your marketing? And when you do, how do you know if your ROI is as good as it should be?
      In this forty-minute talk, you will go through the process of mapping your growth goals to your marketing efforts and then measuring their progress and your ultimate results. 

    • How To Align Your Sales & Marketing Teams

      Sales and marketing departments often don’t play nice together. Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?
      ◘ Sales doesn’t think marketing is getting them enough good leads.◘ Marketing doesn’t think sales is closing enough of the leads they send.◘ Sales isn’t really sure what marketing does. ◘ Marketing doesn’t understand the sales process.  ◘ What each department should be doing is ambiguous.◘ Each department delivers different messages, so the customer gets unclear information.
      In this hour-long talk, you will learn how to create better alignment between your company's sales and marketing efforts. 

    • How To Create A Strategic Marketing Plan

      While most businesses talk about strategic marketing, the reality is many don't know much about strategy beyond implementing tactics. 
      Strategic marketing is a deliberate plan that is informed by your business’s current situation that invests your budget to communicate your value to the right audience at the right time and in the right place. 
      In this hour-long talk, you will learn the seven elements of marketing that are the foundation of creating a strategic marketing plan.

    What Every CEO Needs To Know About Marketing

    There is an overload of information (and misinformation) about marketing available everywhere you look. It’s a full-time job sorting through all of the options to identify what could work for your business. And even then, it’s not entirely clear if your choices are really what’s best for your situation.
    This hour-long talk examines the six most critical tenets you need to know to market your business effectively. Understand them, and you will be able to make better marketing decisions that will save you time and money.
    Participants will learn:● The most cost-effective way to drive your business growth● When the optimal time is to spend money on marketing● How to spot a marketing Charleton● The similarities between your business processes and marketing● The basis upon which to form your marketing goals

    Audience Testimonial

    "Mike, you did great. It was the only memory of a BOSS webinar we have had where no one left until the close. Usually, we get a handful that leaves early, but yours was really engaging."

    Jodie Shaw, Chief Marketing Officer The Alternative Board

    Audience Testimonial

    "Marilyn, I attended your presentation last night and wanted to thank you. You are a great presenter, very funny, and I learned a lot - most importantly, know what you want and don't be afraid to ask for it."

    Emily Levine
    Geological Society of America

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