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      How To Relaunch Your Marketing Post-COVID 19

      Branding, Messaging

      Your brand messaging needs to be sensitive to the new marketplace or you risk alienating customers and damaging your reputation. It's time to assess your brand communications in light of your customers' needs, the marketplace, and the social climate, and make changes that will resonate with people now.
      In this 50-minute webinar, Marilyn Heywood Paige, CMO at Paige Black takes you through the steps to get your messaging right.
      In this video, you will learn:● How to assess your current messages.● How to take the temperature of your customers and the social climate.● How to shift your brand communications to reflect the new environment and be more effective.

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      How to Make A Better Connection and Be Remembered in Virtual Meetings

      Leadership, Public Speaking

      In any meeting, you want to be remembered, and achieve an emotional response so people connect with you and follow where you lead. While speaking to a monitor may feel easier than standing up in front of a group, the reality is, communicating through a screen has its own stumbling blocks. It’s harder to be perceived as authentic, be memorable, and evoke an emotional response from the audience when you are viewed through a computer screen. 
      Upgrade Your Speaking Skills, Grow Your Influence, Scale Your BusinessIn this 50-minute webinar, Margaret Watts Romney discusses three elements from public speaking to apply to your online communications. She reviews the discuss principles of neurology and the concrete steps you can take right now to make a bigger impact in online meetings.
      By viewing this webinar, you will:● Gain critical body language tools to influence your audience.● Learn the two elements that are common in emotionally-moving talks.● Apply strategies to make your message not only heard but also remembered.

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      Post-Corona: Now What? 20 Ways to Rebuild Your Business and Come Back Stronger Than Ever!

      Business, Resiliency

      As you transition into running your business in the new normal, you need a plan to get your business back on track.
      It’s time to fine-tune your efforts and prepare to relaunch. In this 50-minute webinar, Stacy Kuxhausen from CliftonAllenLarsen will discuss ways to be more agile in the new marketplace and the steps you need to take now to be in the best position possible when the country reopens.
      In this webinar, you will learn:
      ● How to take advantage of the business opportunities that came out of the crisis.● How to optimize your current business performance.● How to manage your time and current staff for what the future holds.● 20 ways to rebuild your company to be more profitable than before.

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      Managing Your Remote Teams During COVID-19

      Leadership, Management, Remote Teams

      Managing a remote workforce has created many challenges for teams to navigate in addition to the usual demands of working. Many questions arise such as, how can I keep everyone focused and moving forward? How can we maintain team member accountability? How do we facilitate effective collaboration?
      During this 45-minute webinar, HR Expert Ann Hogan will focus on key strategies to make your team's pivot to working remotely more successful. 
      You will learn: ● How to engage your staff.● How to facilitate collaboration.● How to build trust with your team.

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      COVID-19: Identifying and Managing The Legal Risks

      Legal Risks

      Businesses are facing significant legal challenges and uncertainty in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. In this 45-minute webinar, Corporate Attorney Dan Frederickson will explain how your business can navigate some of the most common pandemic-related legal issues, including:
      ● Contracts and Force Majeure● Supply Chain Disruption● Failures to Perform● Leasing Concerns and Rent Relief● Personnel Issues
      We will also provide guidance on the new laws and regulations that provide relief for businesses and employees impacted by COVID-19. 

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      Manage Your Mindset To Lead Your Team Successfully Through the COVID-19 Crisis


      Your mindset is critical to your success right now. It determines how you lead and ultimately how your company will emerge from this crisis. In this one-hour webinar, CEO Mike Black and Licensed Clinical Social Worker Lauren Johnson discuss how to manage your perceptions and emotions to maintain equilibrium and successfully lead your team through the COVID-19 crisis. 
      You will learn:● What happens when you and your employees experience anxiety.● How to reframe your internal negative stories to lessen how they impact your choices.● How you can help your team reframe difficult or bad news.● How to build trust with your team.● The one thing you can do every day to improve your mindset.● How to inspire hope throughout your organization.

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      3 Steps To Manage Crisis Communications During COVID-19

      Crisis Communication

      Control The Narrative. Protect Your Brand.In this 45-minute webinar, Chief Marketing Officer Marilyn Heywood Paige and CEO Mike Black take you through a compressed method of crisis communication planning. They cover the most essential elements so you can move more quickly from reaction to action.
      You will learn:● How to build a communication plan to get you through this crisis.● Why a condensed communications plan is better than no plan at all.● How to align your communications with your company's values.● Best practices and tips for more powerful messages.● The potential benefits of a crisis.

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